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What is podium, where is it used and why is it more expensive than gold?

What is podium, where is it used and why is it more expensive than gold?

International markets are witnessing a tremendous rise in the value of precious metal palladium. In the last two weeks alone, its price has increased by 25% while in the last one year its price...

Kartarpur Sahib

Tension between America and Iran

Tension between America and Iran is a big issue. Relations between the United States and Iran are slowly moving toward their logical end. After the assassination of General Qasim Sulaimani, Iran not only declared...

Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication

Popularly referred to as the mother of all media, journalism is the occupation of writing, reporting, editing, photographing or broadcasting news. Journalism provides the option of being either salaried or freelance with the main...


Josh Malisani

Name Pandit Labhu Ram Malsani and nick name Josh Malsani. Born in 1882 in Melissa area. The area is named Melissa in Tzak Babri, which later became Malisan, this small town of Jalandhar district...

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