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al farabi


Al-Farabi, who tried to explain Islam through Greek philosophy Professor Peter Adamson highlight the work and life of the eminent scientist and philosopher Al-Farabi, who studied and taught with Christians at the famous School...

Qatar classifieds

Best FREE Classifieds in Qatar

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luxury hotels in USA

10 Most Luxurious Hotels in USA

Who would not want to go to Luxurious Hotels in USA, means dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant and wake up in a lavish suite overlooking the ocean? If you can afford to put up...

PayPal Services

PayPal in Pakistan

How to bring PayPal to Pakistan According to the local media of PayPal, the US company expressed its disabilities in providing services to Pakistan. Products are exported out of Pakistan, but there is no...

moon property

Natural Resources of MOON

Who is the owner of moon’s natural resources? Chinese specialists have succeeded in producing cotton on the moon, now a research center will set up, Japanese company actively looking for water. Some business companies...